Global IDchain

  • Private blockchain to protect user data and ensure security;
  • The data will be distributed over thousands of nodes and will be encrypted, tamper-proof and indestructible;
  • Each personal data is encoded in a specific block :
    • name and nickname,
    • date and place of birth,
    • gender and status (single, married, divorced, widowed, etc.),
    • social Security number,
    • passport or identity card number,
    • blood group, rare disease,
    • address, state, country,
    • studies, diplomas, training,
    • etc.
  • Each user will have an internal cryptocurrency wallet to buy / sell data;
  • Any access to data blocks can be limited to authorization and / or crypto-payment;
  • The data can be updated by the rights holders via a smart contract after a transactional consensus.

Data portability