3D Finger Vein Scanner

The 3DFv venous network scanner on the finger of GLOBAL ID is compact, small in size, it is powered by a USB port and has several cameras.

The scanner is able to confirm the identity of each person from the scan of their venous network of the finger, the photographed image being unique and specific to each individual. Biometric recognition can be done with one or more fingers, without orientation constraints over the surface of the scanner. The latter can treat several tens of people per minute,

A very varied use

The 3DFv scanner can be used on a door to open it when the user is recognized. There are many applications: Stadiums and concert halls, the scanner could also be used to control the entry of passengers into train and metro stations. The 3DFv scanner is compact, of minimal size, and could replace the iris scanners used in certain airports. In addition, travelers would not need to stop to be checked.

3DFv is more or less the size of a mouse, displays an error rate of 0.0001%. This could be used with PCs, point-of-sale terminals and photocopiers, to replace password security. Later the scanner could be incorporated into smartphones to protect access.